Hi Mechanics!

So, Scrap Mechanic is finally available to play on Steam Early Access! It’s been almost two weeks since release, and we’ve been totally blown away by the response from you guys. Seeing so many of you making all of the most incredible machines and vehicles has been completely mind-blowing, and the creativity on display is beyond impressive.

Honestly, Mechanics, you guys have got serious game!


You’ve really been putting the game through its paces! In reading all your feedback and watching your gameplay videos, we’re being provided with this immense learning experience, and the total tonnage of what we’ve learned from you all since release could stop even the most aggressive of oncoming Farmbots in its tracks!

Obviously all of these learnings for us come from your occasional moments of frustration with bugs and lag, but we swear your grey hairs are worth it because together we’re gonna build something incredibly, well, incredible. For real though, thanks so much for your patience.


By the way, we’re about to expand! Scrap Mechanic HQ is a really small place, so we’re on the hunt for a bigger pad and faster, better progress will be coming along in the form of a few new additions to the team. We’re crazy excited about both of these things, and we’ll keep you posted when we learn more!

Here are some of the things we’ve been busy with since launch!



 - Bug Fixes & Optimization!

With all of the information flooding in from videos, forums and by email, all of our time is being spent on improvements based on your feedback. Squashing bugs and optimizing the game is a crucial focus for us right now because getting these fundamentals right for you guys is the best way for us to ensure your best possible Scrap Mechanic experience. Like we’ve already said, the sheer volume of info we’re getting is amazing, so we’re expecting to spend a few solid weeks on all of this stuff, but we’re confident it’ll be worth it for everyone! As soon as we’re done with bug-hunting and optimization, we’ll be right back to working on Survival mode as well as other content.





- Beep, Beep!

With so many vehicles being built, there’s something decidedly wrong of us to have not provided you with a horn. We realize what a despicable travesty this is, and have started work on a delightful horn that you can attach to your rides and give your mechanic friends a honk or two. Or three. Four on weekends and holidays. You could even use it as a doorbell! Your horn possibilities will be endless, especially since we’re even giving some thought to adding a pitch slider so you can create your own perfect, personal honk! We’ll keep you posted on how it’s turning out!




- Paint Stuff!

We’ve been hard at work on a new tool for quite some time now, and it’s been pretty difficult to stay quiet about it. We’re stoked to be able to show it to you today for the first time: introducing the paint tool! Loaded with tons of beautiful colors for you to choose from, the paint tool allows you to add your style to any part in the game. Paint your drivers’ seat pink, or why not make a pixel art masterpiece for your garage wall? Further personalization of your creations is the name of the game with this new tool, and once you’ve got your mitts on it, you’ll never want to build without it! We are still working on it.




- New Building Parts

We’ve constantly got a pan of delicious new parts on the stove, bubbling away waiting to be served up to you Mechanics! Take a look at this comfy mattress or this functional yet chic toilet seat! Who wouldn’t want a vehicle built with some of these new parts? New parts coming to a Creative mode near you in a later update.





- Robot Concepts

We’ve been toying with a bunch of new Farmbot concepts for Survival mode. Exploring different designs and thinking about their unique abilities and parts is a ton of fun, and we’re pleased to present to you an early glimpse at some of our ideas!



Just wanna close up by saying a massive thanks to all you Mechanics who’ve been supporting us! We’re so pumped to really throw all we’ve got at making Scrap Mechanic the best game we possibly can! We’re sticking around, and hope you guys are ready to stick with us on this journey we call Scrap Mechanic!


Peace & machinery from SMHQ